Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shame of food scandals in China

Food Scandals.

Food scandals in China have been popping up over headlines all across the globe as China continues to deal with scary food recalls, and dangerous substances in their food.  Just by Googling the topic “food scandal in China,” a person can browse through hundreds of articles about toxic chemicals that have been found in Chinese foods, and countries that used to receive food from China are beginning to think twice and order from safer places.
            Lately, there has been a report of “cadmium rice,” in which the rice was tested and found to have dangerous levels of the metal cadmium, which are far above the Chinese national safety standards. Authorities in Guang Dong found that over 44 percent of the rice that was tested contained abnormally high levels of the metal, which is known to have devastating effects on the human body.
            As for the fish in China, many countries have stopped ordering from the country because the fish are infected with high levels of mercury, and even lead, most likely from the contaminated waters and pollution.  Both substances can have bad effects on human health, even causing death, so a person should be very careful about where fish is from and what water it might have swam in.
            Many people in China are resorting to other methods of receiving food, such as buying foreign imported food because they now have more money to spend, and they are concerned about their health and the quality of food in China.  One of the top rated import companies in China is Healthy Imports. has a great selection of high quality foods, which will keep Chinese people healthy, and the food is free of contaminants.

            Anyone who truly understands the risk of eating food there and who cares about their family will import food, and is an excellent and convenient way to ensure quality products, as well as good health.  Stay healthy, and chemical free!

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